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Addictions can be a source of significant destruction individuals’ lives. Families can be broken, lives lost, finances drained, and criminal activity propagated in the wake of addictive behavior. To make matters worse, true change out of personal addiction can be immensely difficult. For these reasons, care for individuals in such situations requires a wise approach, which accurately diagnoses the problem, and, consequently, proposes a sound solution.

The proposed diagnosis and solution to addiction is from a biblical viewpoint. While it is beyond the scope of this paper, it is assumed that the God of the Bible is the Creator, God, and Savior of all humanity. Further, it is assumed that the 66 books of the Bible are sufficient for all things pertaining to life and godliness, including addictions.

Cornerstone Church offers the holistic faith-based addictions counseling program in Teton County. We offer individual counseling to those will all types of addictions. Counseling is located at 50 West Broadway, B-1 (In the Pink Garter Plaza underneath Pinky G’s Pizza). The counseling curriculum is based on Mark Shaw’s books, Relapse and The Heart of Addiction. More information on receiving individual counseling can be found here.

Contact Matt Mumma with any questions (matt@cornerstonejh.com).