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Helping Kids Handle Conflict


Whether we serve in a youth group, have kids of our own, or we are educators, almost all of us will interact with kids. And chances are, those interactions will involve helping them navigate conflict. Johnny will scuffle with Joey in youth group. Suzie will offend Sally in class. At some point, the kids in our lives will likely be on one end or the other of misunderstanding, mocking, exclusion, accidents, hurt, and more. These are huge opportunities for us to tenderly and wisely shepherd them in how to handle the inevitable.

Not much will change when they grow up. Conflict will only increase. Consequences are more severe. So, we have a responsibility to shape the next generation in wisely handling the inescapable conflicts of life.

Whether toddlers or teens, here are a few considerations as we help kids handle conflict. The first few are theological, the last few are more practical.

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