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Jesus in Every Old Testament Passage? – Part 1

When I was a kid, I greatly looked forward to Easter. But not because I anticipated celebrating the day that my Savior demonstrated that his penal substitutionary atoning sacrifice was sufficient to redeem the Father’s elect. Instead, I looked forward to the egg hunts. We had a large yard which provided for an entertaining search for those evasive eggs. Some were out in the open, requiring little effort to find. Others were deeply cached, exceeding this eight-year old’s P.I. skills. Finding the eggs was always rewarding.

If we are not careful, we can approach studying and preaching the Old Testament as an Easter egg hunt. We set out on a hunt to find Christ cached deep in the thick weeds of Old Testament texts. The desire is likely good; to behold some angle of the glory of Christ. However, it behooves us to be sure that we have not placed our own Easter eggs for our clever finding.

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