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Cornerstone Discipleship and Biblical Counseling Training Center



Cornerstone Discipleship and Biblical Counseling Training Center is designed to practically equip you to grow in your walk with Christ and to help you equip others as well.


It is the desire of Cornerstone Church to have Christlike, competent, and compassionate disciple-makers and counselors who use the Bible as the only authority for help and change in the context of the local church. It is our desire that through counseling and counseling training that that we have a church of equipped men and women who are competent to counsel one-another. It is also our desire that we pass on what we have been given so that other churches in Wyoming and in the world will be filled with competent biblical counselors. 

The training center accomplished this by:

1. Giving an overview of what the Bible says about discipleship, counseling and the issues of life.

2. Laying out the distinguishing features and methods of biblical counseling that are distinctly biblical. Providing answers to important questions about biblical counseling such as, “What is an approach to counseling that lives up to and deserves the adjective ‘biblical’?”

3. Building upon a foundation by which you are equipped to competently counsel yourself and others with the Word of God and are able to equip others to do the same. This will result in developing a culture of discipleship and counseling in the church.

4. Seeking to equip others to live out the central mission of the church so as to be a church where the culture is all about making disciples who make disciples all for the growth of the body.

These classes also provide the training requirements for ACBC certification. See biblicalcounseling.com for more information.


CDBC is offered Monday nights from 6-9.

The classes are split into Trimesters of 10 weeks in the Fall, 10 weeks in the Winter and 10 weeks in the Spring over the course of 2 years. Total class time is 15 months.

Year 1:

Trimester 1 – Sept 12 – Nov 14
• Introduction to Discipleship and Biblical Counseling: Covers the foundations for discipleship and counseling, establishing the basis for why the Bible is sufficient to answer all of the issues of life.

Trimester 2 – Jan 16 – March 20

 Theological Basis for Discipleship and Biblical Counseling: Looks at the foundations for why we do counseling from God’s Word in a systematizes manner.

Trimester 3 – April 17 – June 19

• Methods of Discipleship and Biblical Counseling: Studying 8 ways of how to conduct the most effective counseling sessions.

Year 2:

Trimester 1 – Sept 11 – Nov 13

• Marriage and Family Counseling: Discusses a theology of marriage and parenting; how to discerns and counsel the myriad of struggles within marriages, broken marriages, mixed marriages, parenting, and more.

Trimester 2 – Jan 10 – March 19

• Issues in Discipleship and Biblical Counseling: Analyzing 10 major issues that arise in counseling and how to effectively care for them.

Trimester 3 – April 9 – June 11

• Observations of Discipleship and Biblical Counseling: Watching videos of seasoned counselors counsel a myriad of issues, discuss the sessions, and then learn from them.



Everyone! Whoever wants to grow in their ability to help people and know how to use God’s Word to offer answers to all of life’s questions, this is for you (Col 1:28).

$200 for the entire course

Price includes course notes and materials. Price does not include the required books.


To apply please read and fill out the Welcome and Application packet and return it either by email to matt@cornerstonejh.com or by mail to Cornerstone Church, attn: Matt Mumma, PO box 4943 Jackson, WY 83001. Once we receive your application we will contact you about when the next session begins.

Please contact our counseling director Matt Mumma (matt@cornerstonejh.com) for more information or