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Firewood Ministry

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The Wood Ministry has wrapped up for the year. Please check back next October.


The free gift of God that we enjoy as a church is eternal life in Jesus, and the Cornerstone Firewood Ministry is a big way to help us to communicate that good news each fall season – providing free firewood, which we’ve personally collected and processed, to a community in need of warmth during the long winters.

We’ve been blessed with some excellent wood-collecting locations and great crews.

If you’re interested in serving, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Please prayerfully consider serving hard in this are for the sake of the Gospel in Teton County and Western Wyoming .  For those of you wanting to get involved, some of our current needs include:

  1. Trucks on Wood Days – The biggest hindrance to the amount of wood we’re able to collect is more related to our ability to remove wood from our different locations.  While we’ve been incredibly blessed with amazing crews this year, we could always use more trucks.  If you don’t mind your truck getting a little dirty, go ahead and bring it out to our next wood day.
  2. Able Bodies – Whether you’re male or female, young or old, there’s always plenty of work to go around.  The incredible amount of wood we’ve already been able to bring in (working mainly on private properties) is a testimony to how hard everyone has been working.  Even if you don’t feel comfortable operating a chain saw, the different tasks abounding at any given location provide a great means of ministry and fellowship with other believers in Cornerstone.
  3. Chainsaws – God has provided some great chain saws for Cornerstone.  However, we would absolutely love it if you were able to bring out your own chain saw and help drop some trees, and we appreciate all the extra saws that have been revving out there along side our own.
  4. Splitting and Bucking Wood – We have a location where our wood is graciously being kept, and there are a number of logs and bucked up portions that need to either be sawed into firewood-size logs (bucked) or split using axes, wedges and hammers, and occasionally a hydraulic splitter.  (Running the hydraulic splitter can be dangerous, so if you plan to use it, make sure to consult with someone who knows how to run it.) This can be done any day of the week, so if you aren’t able to make it to a wood day we would love some extra hands out there working with the wood we’ve already gathered.  The response and initiative people have been taking in prepping the wood throughout the week on their own time has been incredibly encouraging.  If you need more information regarding what you can be doing weekly, please contact Adam Howard (adam.howard@cornerstonejh.com) for information on how to get involved with this critical leg of the ministry.