50 W. Broadway
(307) 840-9827

Welcome to Cornerstone Church

We exist to glorify God by equipping people to live a joyful life of love for and commitment to Jesus Christ, both in Jackson Hole and World Wide.

Upcoming Service Schedule

We gather weekly to pray, sing, share a meal, encourage one another, and to sit under the Preaching of the Word.

Sunday Worship Service

5:00 PM, Meal to Follow
Upstairs in the Pink Garter Theatre

Sunday Prayer Meeting

8:30 - 9:30 AM
Church Basement (50 W. Broadway)

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Core Values

The vision of Cornerstone Church is that we would all be increasingly and joyfully  living out our core values.


The Centrality of Jesus Christ

We affirm that the Jesus of the Scriptures was a real, historical individual, who is both fully God and fully Man, and that the only way that a human can be right before God is by trusting in his life, death, burial, and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins.


The Scriptures

We affirm that the 66 books of Old and New Testaments are the verbal plenary inspired and fully inerrant Word of God. As a church, we gather together to spend time each week sitting under the exposition of the Scriptures


Growing in Christ Likeness

Although we all at times experience different levels of growth, the Scriptures describe all individuals who believe in God as people who are being renewed, and who are growing every day to be more like Jesus the Christ.


The One-Anothers

As we grow in Christ-Likeness, the Scriptures reveal to us that the way we interact with one another changes for the better as a result. There are about 40 or so One Another commands in the New Testament that are crucial to life within a local church.


The Mission of the Church

As we grow in Christ-Likeness, the Scriptures also reveal to us that the way we interact with individuals outside of the church also changes, and that all Christians - locally and abroad - are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Cornerstone Happenings

Biblical Counseling

We all need counseling at various points in our lives. There are times when we just need help. Now might be a time when you need someone to come alongside and encourage you from the Bible. Contact Matt Mumma for more information or to meet with a counselor: 307-413-7961 or matt@cornerstonejh.com

Gospel Community Groups

Gospel communities meet throughout the week around the valley. We gather in smaller groups to grow in love for Christ, one another, and our town. Contact Matt (Matt@cornerstonejh.com) to get plugged in.

Clean-Up Ministry

We can always use more hands to help with this very practical service opportunity after our weekly Sunday gatherings or any of our other events at the Pink Garter Theatre. Phil and Meg Farrington are taking the reins of this ministry, so please contact them if you can help: mclally@gmail.com.

Sunday Dinners

Join us for an evening meal each week at 6:45 after the Sunday service. If you cannot bring any food, don’t worry about it; there should be enough for everyone. If you’d like to help out or bring a dish, please let Lisa Cornelius know.

Latest Sermons

February 18, 2018
Eric Davis

Loving God and people sums up everything that God would have us do.

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