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The Salvation Package

salvation-page-001We say it often in Christian circles. “I’m saved.” “I’m a Christian.” But if we’re not careful, we can utter the phrase with the same alacrity as we would the weather.

Perhaps at times it behooves us to pull over, park, and take a longer look at the sights of our great salvation. As we do, we will be reminded that “I’m saved” is a jaw-dropping sight.

It’s a sight which God alone has crafted. Our salvation has been master-planned by the Creator-God of the universe. And it’s not a static, point-in-time event, but a movement in which God flawlessly carries out his eternal decree. It began in eternity past, snowballs throughout time, and will crescendo in eternity future.

Here is a brief glance at what it means to be a Christian. This is our salvation package.

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